Eyes so large……
Like an ocean!
But don’t know why,
Why I wanted to be a drop of that ocean,
Just akin to a dust particle in the soil.

Eyes so deep……
Their unfathomable depth!
But don’t know why,
Why I wanted to drown in
And never wanted to come back.

Eyes fiercely pitch black……
Like the black hole!
But don’t know why,
Why I wanted to die in them,
Like a dying star,
And never wanted to come  alive
Yes, I never wanted my life again.




Take my heart with you,
It  beats for you now.
Take my eyes with you,
They want to see only you now.
Take my mind with you,
It thinks about you all the time.
Take my ears with you,
They want to listen your whisper
Take my fingertips with you,
They want to touch you.
Take my feet with you,
They force me to go to your
street everyday.
Take my breath with you,
They echo your name whenever
they come out.
Take my body with you,
It wants to merge in you now.
Take my SOUL with you,
It no longer wants to remain
in my body,
It has found its SOULMATE
in you now.



After so many days,
I passed through your street.

After so much time,
I passed by your house.

My legs stumbled,
My lips mumbled.
My feet glued,
Past memories subdued.

My eyesight looked fixedly
at the rooftop,
But only some pigeons were
There to hop.
You were not there,
Not visible were your
fluffy black hair.

I missed your burning flying kiss
That killed me softly.
I missed your ‘I NEED YOU’ words libido rich
That aroused me mostly.

My friend patted on my back.
Tears were in my eyes and
The pigeons were dispersed.
“Let’s go from here” slowly he



              One day,
While playing love game,
You unearthed your enchanting
By uncovering yourself out of
the white nylon sheet.
I saw your little earth,
Apple shaped,
On which tiny tufts of grass
were visible.
Black and so beautiful.

I kissed them,
I licked them,
You moaned then.
My tongue dove
Into your fleshy gorge
between your grasslands.
Black and so beautiful.



Do you know I still cry for you,
Do you know I still wait for you,
Do you know how restless I am
for you,
Do you know I want only
you, you and you.

No matter what I am,
No matter what I can do,
But the only thing I can
do is to love
you, you and you.

I will tear my body apart,
I will make my blood flow,
I will be dying and breathing,
my last breath, but still the
only thing I will do is to love
you, you and you.