A true creation always happens in the darkness. A child is created inside the mother’s womb where  there is utter darkness. The darkness caused by grief, pain and desolation has inspired so many to create the greatest paintings, poems, stories, and novels.In the sober darkness of night, our skin and muscles rejuvenate themselves. Even, the animals and plants are rejuvenated in the darkness of night.

And don’t forget, most of the savage destructions in the history of mankind happened in the broad daylight.
So, why are you afraid of darkness? 


9 thoughts on “DARKNESS

  1. Your words are very true. Some of my work is born out of darkness, the cry of the soul. There have been times when my heart has been weeping when I take my camera and snap photos that turn out amazing. All things are used for Good, if only man could see this. Also as an artist, IF there were no shadow, there would be no difintion, no form, no outline whatsoever. And therefore, no SHAPE or CONTOUR. Darkness when balanced, is good. Thank you, Himanshu, for this wise insight. Love, Amy


    • Thanks Amy for appreciating. What you said is an utter truth. Darkness has been portrayed so far as a villain or a negative entity but that’s not so. Just try to listen the melody of silence at night and you will be astonished! Occasionally, when some insects makes sound! They are the beauty. And the atmosphere is so calm. In darkness, nature comes in its original form.


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