Take my heart with you,
It  beats for you now.
Take my eyes with you,
They want to see only you now.
Take my mind with you,
It thinks about you all the time.
Take my ears with you,
They want to listen your whisper
Take my fingertips with you,
They want to touch you.
Take my feet with you,
They force me to go to your
street everyday.
Take my breath with you,
They echo your name whenever
they come out.
Take my body with you,
It wants to merge in you now.
Take my SOUL with you,
It no longer wants to remain
in my body,
It has found its SOULMATE
in you now.


11 thoughts on “THE SOULMATE

  1. Wow! YOU wrote this and YOU think you need maturity? No way!! This is great work! In my humble opinion, from a great mind! I am wowed over….. I am so glad I came over to ring your bell. If you have found your soulmate, consider yourself extremely fortunate. (((HUGS))) Amy


      • But, this is the thing. ALL of us artists think like this, and it is our collective challenge to start seeing our work as really good. It’s true. I am posting two posts tomorrow, and both I don’t think are all that great. I stopped myself from putting me down, and said, NO! These are of my creation, darn it, and if I don’t think they are good, who will? So, I deliberately hit the like button with each and every one of my posts when I publish them.

        Why would I lie to you? I speak to your Heart, that part of you that is pure and All Knowing. I know when you read my words, you will get a feeling of Love right from your Heart, letting YOU know my words bring Truth to you. I am not patting you on the head just to keep your morale high. Uh uh. I am that I am. Love. And I speak to you with Love because you are Love. (see tomorrow’s post) If I have to say this until my last breath, I shall. We all are Love. We just have to remember this Truth. Peace, my friend. I’ve given you some food for thought. Good night. (((HUGS))) Amy


      • One of my friends had played a prank with me hiding my cellphone. That’s why I got late to reply your comments. Sorry for that.

        I’m very happy and feel proud to find a friend like you. Actually you are my guide also because you have given me such a valuable suggestion

        My dad is really fond of gardening. When I showed him your beautiful flower pictures on your blog, he was amazed….. He asked me about your nationality. I shot an arrow in the dark and told that you are a US citizen(sorry if I guessed it wrong !).
        He really liked your blog

        And thanx again.


      • Yes, I am from the USA and I am thrilled your Dad likes my flowers. That says a lot for a man you know. (smile) Yes, I take photos a tad bit differently then most do. As for my blood nationality, I am German, French, English and Irish. A mutt some would say! LOL Please tell your Dad I think it is wonderful that he gardens and for him to stay tuned because the best is yet to come on my blog. My ROSES are my highlight!!!
        I am so touched at the way you feel towards me. I am honored and very humbled. Bless you for who you are. It makes my Heart sing that you are willing to hear the words I do speak. Many fear what I have to say. I am glad you do not. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


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