A true creation always happens in the darkness. A child is created inside the mother’s womb where  there is utter darkness. The darkness caused by grief, pain and desolation has inspired so many to create the greatest paintings, poems, stories, and novels.In the sober darkness of night, our skin and muscles rejuvenate themselves. Even, the animals and plants are rejuvenated in the darkness of night.

And don’t forget, most of the savage destructions in the history of mankind happened in the broad daylight.
So, why are you afraid of darkness? 




Eyes so large……
Like an ocean!
But don’t know why,
Why I wanted to be a drop of that ocean,
Just akin to a dust particle in the soil.

Eyes so deep……
Their unfathomable depth!
But don’t know why,
Why I wanted to drown in
And never wanted to come back.

Eyes fiercely pitch black……
Like the black hole!
But don’t know why,
Why I wanted to die in them,
Like a dying star,
And never wanted to come  alive
Yes, I never wanted my life again.



Dear parents and dear teachers,

I know I’m a bad boy. I’m so rude and disobedient. I don’t follow your instructions. I don’t do the assignments and the homework.
But I’m honest. I try to do my homework. I try to do my assignments, but someone pushes inside my chest cavity.  S(he) says, “go and run. Run and jump over the park bench”. Then I run. I get injured a bit but I feel happy that time.
Teacher, when you teach me, my eyes look out of the window pane. My eyes want to look at the
flowers- pink, yellow, purple, white….. wow! They are of so many colors! Even my color box has not so many colors! Then my
heart says, “paint.”, and I want to
paint these flowers on my notebook. I want to fly high in the sky with the birds and with the paint brush in my hand. I want to make the birds more colorful. I want to paint green and maroon patches on the bodies of white cranes.  How beautiful will they look!
You all feel proud of M, my elder brother. I want to be like him, sometimes. He is so obedient,isn’t he? I try it hard, but I can’t do this. So, please don’t scold me. Please don’t punish me.
Dad and Mom, I want to be a painter. Please let me do this. Please let me bloom, otherwise I will fade down. Please don’t chop my wings because I have to fly high, upto the infinite. With the birds. But if you don’t let me do so, it’s OK then. I will be still loving you all.  I can’t hate you.




Take my heart with you,
It  beats for you now.
Take my eyes with you,
They want to see only you now.
Take my mind with you,
It thinks about you all the time.
Take my ears with you,
They want to listen your whisper
Take my fingertips with you,
They want to touch you.
Take my feet with you,
They force me to go to your
street everyday.
Take my breath with you,
They echo your name whenever
they come out.
Take my body with you,
It wants to merge in you now.
Take my SOUL with you,
It no longer wants to remain
in my body,
It has found its SOULMATE
in you now.